WBBL In Launceston, With a Question Mark…

By: Phil Grey

Last weekend was to be a huge weekend for Cricket in Launceston…it still was even with Saturday being a washout. There were three matches played on Sunday, with two of them played at UTAS stadium.

Even with the cold wind blowing the Perth Scorchers, Sydney Thunder, Sydney Sixers, Melbourne Renegades, Adelaide Strikers and Brisbane Heat all put on a great show, complete with a hat trick and a century. There was also a very loud group in the Sixers and Renegades match…I will call them the Courtney Webb fan club – it was great to see and hear them! It was all you could expect for T20, fast-paced matches, boundaries…but a question bugged me…

The question? Why weren’t there many people?

While watching the matches this question kept coming back to me… Was it the cold wind? (Maybe) Was it that the Hurricanes weren’t playing? (Possibly) Was it because it was a Sunday? (Unlikely) Was it because it was Women’s Cricket?

That last question really bugs me…because I think that is quite possibly the reason. The next question is why?

Why is it that Women’s Cricket doesn’t have the following of Men’s Cricket? I’m not sure I can answer that question satisfactorily. I do think it’s because it has been overlooked for years and it’s only just getting the coverage it deserves on TV (although not as much on free-to-air).

The good thing is that Women’s Cricket (and Women’s Sport in general) is starting to get the recognition it deserves, although there is a long way to go.

Getting back to the WBBL matches here in Launceston are continuing. Don’t forget entry is free for these matches (if you need any extra incentive…)

  • Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder from 1:25pm
  • Hobart Hurricanes and Brisbane Heat from 4:50pm
  • Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Renegades tomorrow from 1:25pm
  • Hobart Hurricanes and Melbourne Stars tomorrow from 4:50pm
  • Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars Saturday from 4:05pm
  • Brisbane Heat and Hobart Hurricanes Saturday from 7:30pm
  • Sydney Thunder and Hobart Hurricanes Sunday from 10:15am
  • Brisbane Heat and Melbourne Stars Sunday from 1:40pm
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