The Importance of Bringing a Positive Attitude to the Workplace

By: McCrindle

We all know the Monday morning atmosphere when colleagues come into the office again after the weekend. Our attitude, either positive or negative, can predict the rest of the day and sometimes the whole week.

The overall work wellbeing of our teams also depends on our attitude. A negative attitude might seem harder to alter, but what if I told you, it is not? Every morning you come into the workplace; your attitude is your choice.1

How focusing on purpose can help

The way we function has everything to do with our attitudes to do so and how or if we will achieve our goals. As humans, we deeply want to contribute and know that we are making a difference with the work we do. That is how we know that working with a strong sense of purpose contributes to our work in value, purpose and meaning. Being reminded of the ‘why’ helps everyone in the workplace to manage the right decisions and maintain positive attitudes.

Positive attitudes build an engaging workplace culture

John Maxwell describes it this way, ‘Successful people make right decisions early and manage those decisions daily. The first step is to make the right decision and the second following decision is to manage that first decision. That way we don’t forget to bring our positive selves and continue to do so. Bringing our positive attitudes to the workplace as an employer, colleague, manager or director does not only affect ourselves but also greatly affects the culture we are contributing to.2

In the book Work Wellbeing by Mark McCrindle & Ashley Fell, they describe it like this; ‘To some work is simply a job, but to many more, it’s a lifeline to social interaction, purpose and a place of belonging’. When all of this is clear, it will automatically propel the employer, manager and eventually whole teams into empowerment and flourishing. Imagine a workplace where every individual is working with purpose and meaning, while becoming the difference maker, stepping into opportunity and overcoming great obstacles while being a part of a great team in a workplace. All of these things are possible. They find their beginning in making the right choice and maintaining a positive attitude; remember it’s your choice.3

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Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

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Feature image: Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

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