Saturday & Sunday December 3 & 4

Tassie Makers & Creators Festival

Those looking to find quality and unique presents for friends and family will love the Tassie Makers and Creators Festival.

Organised by Way FM and held at the Launceston Conference Centre, this event is set to showcase a huge variety of craft stalls. From woodwork, flowers, glassware to baby clothes, soaps and so much more, all with the focus being on Tasmanian made products.

Way FM chairman, Scott Hudson, said the festival was one of four craft events they hold each year.

"It's a great opportunity for people to come and grab something for a present and it's a wonderful time for everyone!" He said. "The heart of the event is that we showcase the best creators and makers from Northern Tasmania. The venue. the Launceston Conference Centre, is such a great open space."

Mr Hudson also said the stalls on display would showcase many creative local businesses that people may not be aware of. ”One of my favourites is a lady that sells purple garlic products, which are incredible, and another lady who grows the most amazing cacti."

There will be over 60 different stalls showcasing the state's creativity whilst catering to a range of people.

There will be food and drinks available and local musicians will be playing throughout the day giving the event a great atmosphere. Feel inspired as you browse through the stalls or grab a coffee and enjoy the music.

Event organiser Toby Strochnetter says it is a premier market which offers an opportunity for local creators to show off their work. "A big push ... was to showcase and hold the importance of Tasmanian made and crafted, and to help out more or less what I like to call 'the small guy', who's not a ... company," he said.

Way FM Program Director Phil Grey says he is amazed by how much creativity there is in the state. "I don't know what it is about Tasmania ... but there must be something in the water, because the creativity here is just mind-blowing," he said.

So come along to the Tassie Makers & Creators Festival. You’ll meet some friendly people who have a passion for their craft, maybe you’ll get inspired to create something of your own.

All money raised from the Festival goes to support your Community Radio station Way FM.

Admission is free.
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