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Modern Day Idols

By: Sabrina PetersSo, what’s an idol? Maybe thoughts of wooden statues or graven images immediately spring to mind. Maybe the words of Exodus 20:3 echo in your head, “You must have no other gods apart from me.” Maybe an idol seems completely irrelevant to your life. After all, if...

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Why Your Stuff Isn’t Worth Worshipping

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezLet’s face it, we have too much stuff! Even more than that, our stuff is taking over our lives. We think that our stuff improves the quality of our lives, when instead, it’s taking it away. In fact, it’s even destroying our lives! Wouldn’t your life...

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I Want That… Pick me.

By: Susan BrowningI want to be the one that always says “yes” when He asks. I remember when I was in my teens I was part of a bible study with incredible leaders in the next few generations above me… (Pause here and note: it’s so important to do life with other...

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