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The Breath Prayer

By: Sheridan VoyseyOne afternoon in March 2020, feeling overwhelmed at the news I was hearing about a virus called Covid-19, I took a moment to do what I often do in times of stress – journal.During that time I remembered a breath prayer I’d written previously based on some words from...

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The Batman Effect

By: Dr Justin CoulsonIt’s provocative, and I know some people won’t like what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it: …Mindfulness doesn’t work for everyone.Ok. I’ve put it out there. Mindfulness is the past decade’s biggest fad in Positive...

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What is Work Wellbeing?

By: McCrindleIn 2020, we wrote a book called Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times. This book was written to help people understand the important role work plays in our life, and how it can be a contributor to, rather than a detractor from our overall wellbeingWe believe...

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