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Movie Challenge: The Travel Edition

By: Ally BarnesThe world is almost your oyster. The blanket warning against overseas travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been lifted, with borders now open.But if you’re not ready to travel, or your passport is no longer valid, we can always travel through film.For this Travel Edition...

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Inside the Bubble: How Trans-Tasman Travel Will Work

By: Michael CrooksInternational travel has returned to Australia. Well, to only one country, but that’s not a bad start for a world still in the grip of a pandemic.From April 19, Australians can travel to New Zealand without having to quarantine.It is the first time since Australia closed...

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Better Than Access to the Gold Lounge

By: Stephen McAlpineI now have access to the coveted Gold Lounge. I’m sitting here in the Gold Lounge at the Auckland airport, heading home from a conference, and it’s all hors d’oeuvres, funky drinks, comfy chairs, free everything, and peacefully quiet.  Far from the...

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