By: Stephen McAlpine

The US just celebrated National Fast Food Day. Go figure! (more…)

By: Robert Martin, God in 60 Seconds

Can we ever find true equality? Observing the world around us we clearly aren’t equal. People have different abilities, different incomes, different looks, different opportunities. (more…)

By: Madelaine Osborne

When thinking of iconic tv shows portraying a typical workplace, most people’s go-to would be The Office. (more…)

By: Reel Dialogue

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has some of the most iconic characters in the realm of superheroes. (more…)

By: God in 60 Seconds

Many popular movies are about the origin of certain characters or situations – how they came to be – Batman Begins, X-men origins, Star Wars – the Phantom Menace. (more…)

By: Andrew Laird

We all have moments of procrastination. We live in a world marred by sin, so we all inevitably have to do things we don’t enjoy doing or find hard to do. (more…)

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