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Sleep Deprivation and Teens

By: Collett SmartThe Parenting Question this week is from Judy, on Sleep Deprivation: “How much sleep do our teens need?”It has been said that we have a chronically sleep deprived generation.Why are Our Teens Struggling with Sleep Deprivation? Back in 2006 the National Sleep...

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3 Ways Technology Is Making Life More Affordable

By: Michael McQueenWe often think of emerging technology as the field of high-level businesspeople and Silicon Valley tech wizards. We don’t often see today’s innovations as being a tool for enhancing accessibility, increasing affordability and empowering equality. However, recent...

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The Future of Work and the Skills Needed

By: McCrindleThe future of work is defined by more than just technological change. It is also impacted by sociological change.As of 2020 there were more Australians born since 1980 than before it, meaning that Generation Y (born 1980 to 1994), Generation Z (1995 to 2009) and Generation Alpha (born...

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