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3 Strategies for Inoculating Girls Against Stress

By: Dr Justin CoulsonIt is generally well accepted that females experience greater levels of depression and anxiety than males. This is true, not only during adulthood, but also during adolescence.While there is a range of suggestions as to why – including the idea that ‘men are tough...

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6 Surprising Self-Care Strategies that Work

By: Dr Justin CoulsonPicture this scenario: You’re opening up to a friend about the overwhelming challenges you face as you juggle your children and your multitudinous other responsibilities. You outline the weight of the burdens you carry. The kids, the job, the financial stress, the...

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Attack of the Pear

By: Laura Bennett Pear /pɛː/ noun A green, spotty, funny-shaped fruit that doesn’t taste good unless combined with walnuts and balsamic vinegar. Pear-shaped / adjective Lumpy, bottom-heavy, kinda weird, not ideal. Sometimes life goes truly pear-shaped. It happens to all of us in different ways,...

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