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You Ought To Be Congratulated!

By: Helen CarrIn 2019/2020 I wrote a novel. Yes, I finally finished writing the 90000-word manuscript I had sitting in my head for years. Thank you, you’re too kind. No, seriously, hold your applause; because the truth is, it’s not very good…but it could be…maybe?And that...

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What Are You Worth? A Different View

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezWhat are you worth? There are many wrong ideas about Christianity. One of them is that for Christians, being humble means being realising that you are sinful, evil, and totally worthless. Our society tells us that we our worth is based on how often you get what you want in...

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Comparison Steals

By: Lorrene McClymontComparison is the fastest destroyer of calling, joy, and peace. When you compare your life, journey, talent, gifting, or calling to someone else’s, you will always find yourself lacking. Follow your journey Comparing yourself to others is so bad for you. You always come...

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