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What Are You Worth?

By: Danni SynotI don’t know about you, but I love a good milkshake. Anything from plain vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, to a berry milkshake with all the lashings of cream, ice cream, and butterscotch brittle.A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with a heap of food intolerances, which...

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When Rejection Ruins Who You Thought You Were

By: Jennie ScottWhen you’ve experienced rejection in your life, a serious rejection of all that you are, you see everything through the lens of being unwanted and unworthy. Worthless, as a matter of fact, and disposable. You very easily operate from the assumption that who you are is never...

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Why You Should Let Go of Your Self-Esteem

By: Michael McQueenEverybody loves an ego boost. The word of encouragement from the colleague, the compliment from the spouse or the pat on the back from the boss work wonders for our sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem is a very modern idea and one that is talked about abundantly within schools,...

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