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Religion Can Be Deadly

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezThere are some people who are absolutely against religion. They’d probably agree if I said that religion could be deadly. they might even point to all the wars that religion has supposedly caused.But what if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ? Would you agree with...

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Australia’s Changing Spiritual Landscape

By: McCrindleA rising trend in Australia is the affinity for no religion1. While one in five Australians (22%) considered themselves as non-religious in 2011, the number has been rising with three in ten (30%) considering themselves as non-religious in 2016.2Despite not considering themselves as...

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Crowd Madness And The New Religion Of The West

By: Akos Balogh‘There are 2 gunman at the university – tell your friends on campus’.The text arrives from a friend, who knows I’m often on campus. But I can’t believe it: surely this is spam?So I ring my friend to confirm. Yes, the text is legit: A collegue of...

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