By: Steff Willis, 96five

A recent study conducted by the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation revealed that 4 in 5 parents would respond with anger and blame if they discovered their child was sharing inappropriate images online.

By: Collett Smart

Weekly news reports of traumatic images and stories of pain and destruction such as; natural disasters (bushfires, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes), the coronavirus, terrorist attacks, threats of war and shootings can cause great concern in children. (more…)

By: Collett Smart

I’m regularly asked, “What is the secret to raising healthy teenagers?”

I think we often wonder if there’s some big secret to raising healthy teenagers. Something we are missing, that others know the answer to.

My answer is usually this, “There is no magic bullet, the small things ARE the big things!” (more…)

By: Collett Smart

The Parenting Question this week is from Judy, on Sleep Deprivation: “How much sleep do our teens need?”

It has been said that we have a chronically sleep deprived generation. (more…)

By: Collett Smart

a comic strip of a mother and daughter at a sink. The mum asks her daughter, why didnt you wash this pan? The daughter responds, that pan wasn't part of the official dinner dishes! Mum says, listen, when i ask you to do the dishes after dinner, that means every dish in the sink, not just the ones for dinner AND it also means cleaning the counter and making the kitchen look tidy! The daughter groans.

Has the artist of Hedger Humour been peeping in my windows? We often wonder about the benefits of chores, and whether the sighing, dodging and procrastination are worth the effort (and that’s just the parents I am talking about! 😉) (more…)

By: Collett Smart

The day in a life of a quaranteen is different to what teens usually do. What can you do to help your teen through self isolation and staying at home? (more…)

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