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6 Tips on Young Teens, Sleepovers and Parties

By: Collett SmartThere is something both exhilarating and scary about the freedom that comes with being a teenager. Some of the teens I chat with mention how much they love going out with friends, but feel conflicted about the peer pressure around sleepovers, parties and alcohol. While some see...

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Connecting with Teens – 6 Tips

By: Collett Smart“I love teenagers!” Yet… I find that whenever I say this phrase people look at me and chuckle, as if waiting for the punchline. There is none. It’s true! I really do love teenagers! Every year I get to spend a week in January with a few hundred teenagers...

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9 Ideas for Screen Time Balance

By: Collett SmartNature is known to provide cognitive benefits and enhance our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, for some tweens, spending too much time on technology, sees them not getting enough exercise or spending enough time outdoors. So how do we help our young people create a...

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