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Why Languishing Is the New Buzzword

By: Sam ChanThe buzzword for this year is “languishing”Languishing describes how we feel in the covid isolation lockdown: Not flourishing. Not bored. But languishing.But why do we feel this way?I can’t imagine a dog, or a goldfish, or a virus particle feeling this way.So why do...

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Three Ways to Reflect on Your Life

By: Sheridan VoyseyIn his famous poem The Four Quartets, TS Elliott says “We had the experience, but missed the meaning.” How true!Too often life can become one long series of unrelated events – a conversation here, an appointment there, walking the dog, working through our to-do...

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The Secret to a Full Life

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezIf you have appendicitis, you can’t be cured by eating more, or wearing nice clothes, or having a bath. You can’t be cured from the outside-in. You need an operation. You need to be healed from the inside-out.Most of us live our lives the wrong way around. We try...

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