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The Cultivation of Character

By: Dr Justin CoulsonA brave mum raises her hand to ask me a question. There are close to 400 parents in the packed auditorium. The topic was teens and screens, but her question stretches well beyond those boundaries.She says, “I don’t want my son playing those violent games. But how...

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My 7 yr-old Only Eats Chips

By: Dr Justin CoulsonDealing with a fussy eater can be a challenge. Poor eating habits in middle childhood and the tween years tend to be long-lasting. We need to take them seriously.Dear Dr JustinMy beautiful 7-year-old refuses to eat anything apart for a selected variety of high fat...

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Happy Families Podcast: Me Time vs We Time

By: Dr Justin CoulsonDo you need time away from the family or does the family need time together?Topics discussed in this episode:– Kylie shares her struggle with her mental health while being a young mother– Our mindset around the idea of Me Time is actually the bigger issue than the...

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