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Why Trust Is 2021’s Most Valuable Currency

By: Michael McQueen“It is trust, more than money, that makes the world go around.” [1] This statement of Columbia University economics professor Joseph Stiglitz finds new relevance in today’s circumstances. With the past year presenting unprecedented threats and challenges to...

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Teaching Your Kids About Good Character

By: Robert GarrettIt has been said that character is ‘who you are when no one is watching’; it’s those things that we do in private, not for the praise or recognition from others, or conversely, for fear of being caught out.As parents, it’s essential that we live a life of...

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You Can Be Coming Last and Be Winning at Life

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezWhen I was a teenager, together with a large number of young people from our church, I went on a long road trip up the coast of NSW and into Queensland in Australia.It was the middle of summer and it was hot, so we rather illogically decided to have a 10 km running race on...

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