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Patience Through Grief

By: Danni SynotLoss and grief, whether it be death or another form of loss, changes people, how can it not?We all have our own ways of processing pain, some of us withdraw, some cling, some get stuck for a while, not wanting to let go, or not wanting their loved one to be forgotten, some are angry...

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What Is God Saying in the Midst of My Pain?

By: Tania HarrisWhat is God saying to us in the midst of our pain? In this episode of the God Conversations podcast, we’re talking about the questions we ask when life goes wrong. Some people say you shouldn’t even ask God the why question, but that’s what we’re going to do...

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He Is Close to the Broken Hearted

By: Sabrina PetersI’m so glad “comforter” isn’t His title, but His nature. When darkness seems to hide his face. I rest on His unchanging grace. Here are some incredible verses to encourage you. Praying for all those suffering and struggling. May His grace be real, tangible...

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