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Stopping God

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezFor many people, God doesn’t seem real at all. It’s sometimes also easy for some Christians to feel as if God might be there somewhere, but he’s too busy running the universe to really just stop and care about them.Would you like to know how to stop God in...

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Why Languishing Is the New Buzzword

By: Sam ChanThe buzzword for this year is “languishing”Languishing describes how we feel in the covid isolation lockdown: Not flourishing. Not bored. But languishing.But why do we feel this way?I can’t imagine a dog, or a goldfish, or a virus particle feeling this way.So why do...

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Better Than Access to the Gold Lounge

By: Stephen McAlpineI now have access to the coveted Gold Lounge. I’m sitting here in the Gold Lounge at the Auckland airport, heading home from a conference, and it’s all hors d’oeuvres, funky drinks, comfy chairs, free everything, and peacefully quiet.  Far from the...

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