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What is the Fruit of Love?

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezWhat is the true fruit of love? Is it your children? Is it happiness? Is it receiving from others? Well, actually, it isn’t.The fruit of love is giving. The ultimate example of love resulted in the greatest gift, as John 3:16 tells us,For God so loved the world...

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Let the Love Flow

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezReceiving and giving is the law of the universe, because they are part of the very nature of God. Our sun gives light, which travels 150 million kilometres to our planet. Plants receive that light through their leaves, and through photosynthesis, they convert light to...

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The Wonderful Act of Giving

By: Christine AddisChristmas is almost upon us and in the midst of all of the preparations it is our usual practise to turn our thoughts toward giving.I was in the middle of writing a list of the gifts I wanted to buy and in the middle of that I thought about an invite I had received to go to...

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