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Hope for Healthcare in Nanotechnology

By: Michael McQueenThe next decade will undoubtedly be dominated by the large-scale trends we have long anticipated. Driverless cars, passenger drones and the rise of the robots all represent developments that are impossible to miss and will be defining for our era. However, while it’s easy...

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The Future of Work and the Skills Needed

By: McCrindleThe future of work is defined by more than just technological change. It is also impacted by sociological change.As of 2020 there were more Australians born since 1980 than before it, meaning that Generation Y (born 1980 to 1994), Generation Z (1995 to 2009) and Generation Alpha (born...

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How Automation Might Save Your Career

By: Michael McQueenAutomation is a word that often strikes fear into workers who cannot help but feel threatened by its emergence in the modern world. Most of what we hear about automation surrounds the ways it will take our jobs and force the everyday worker into irrelevance. However, there are...

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