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The Six Biggest Money Challenges Faced by Women

By: Ally BarnesHelen Baker is a financial planner and the founder of On Your Two Feet. She has just released The Essential Guide to Financial Independence for all Women because “women often react, but they need to plan”.Helen explains the 6 most prominent money challenges that are...

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How to Maximise Your Tax Refund

By: Christine AddisSo you have been told by your accountant that you are going to be receiving a tax refund this year and you have the feeling of excited anticipation as you sit dreaming of what you will spend it on. But before you get carried away, let’s talk about really making your tax...

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Why You Should Think Before Using Afterpay

By: Christine AddisHave you noticed that everywhere you look these days, there is an advert for either “Afterpay” or “Zip Pay”? What they are offering is that you can have what you are wanting today and pay for it in 4 easy payments.It has been horrifying to me, just how...

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