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25 Ways to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language

By: Brittany AnnHave you ever read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman? The book was so popular a few years ago that the author went on to publish several additional versions including The 5 Love Languages of Children, The 5 Love Languages Military Edition, and The 5 Languages of Appreciation in...

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How Busy Mums Can Make Time for Daily Devotions

By: Brittany AnnDo you ever wish you could spend more time in the Word, but you’re just so busy taking care of your home and family that you don’t know how you possibly can? Yeah, I’ve been there.I’m not sure what it was about my youngest, but I was so exhausted...

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Do You Struggle to Find Your Worth in Jesus?

By: Brittany AnnIf you and I met up for coffee tomorrow, and I asked you to tell me a little about yourself, what would you share? Would you share that you’re a wife and a mum of three?Would you tell me about your job, your hobbies, the church you attend, or the organisations you volunteer...

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