By: Amy Cheng

More and more Australians are taking up multiple jobs, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (more…)

By: Michael McQueen

Hybrid work is underway. Incentivising the return to workplaces has been a struggle for leaders as, for many workers, the freedom and flexibility offered by remote work makes it a high priority. (more…)

By: Georgia Free 

With Year 12 end-of-year exams finishing, many Aussie school leavers will now be looking for work. (more…)

By: McCrindle

The Industrial Revolution in Europe and Britain in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s saw the transition to systematised, mechanised manufacturing production which significantly revolutionised the way of working. (more…)

By: Michael McQueen

You’ve likely read the headlines regarding how many million jobs will be taken by robots, or what percentage of professions will disappear in the coming years. (more…)

By: Ashley Fell 

‘The Great Resignation’ describes the predicted trend of a significant number of workers leaving their jobs in the coming months. It happened in the United States, and many are wondering if it will also take place in Australia.  (more…)

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