By: Annie Hamilton

The tiny face of the boy in the rowing boat was screwed up in timidity and fear. (more…)

By: Graham McDonald

“Holden is no more: General Motors announces the 164-year-old Aussie auto brand will be axed by the end of the year.” – Business Insider Australia 17 February 2020 (more…)

By: Graham McDonald

Our History and the Christian Connection

The Queensland Kanaka Mission had received a request for help from a place where cannibalism is very much alive. Who would be willing to go and maybe risk their life to help tell the cannibals about the love of God? (more…)

By: Vickie Janson

Although George only ever moved 5kms from his birthplace in Jindivick, East Gippsland, his life is characterised by some very big moves. A farmer and earthmover turned world champion cheesemaker, George’s life is synonymous with the breaking of new ground. (more…)

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