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Here’s Why We All Need Community

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezHere’s a reality check. You can’t love on your own. Any attempt to love on your own isn’t an expression of love but of its opposite: self-centredness. To love, you need community. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.”This has nothing...

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What Are You Worth? A Different View

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezWhat are you worth? There are many wrong ideas about Christianity. One of them is that for Christians, being humble means being realising that you are sinful, evil, and totally worthless. Our society tells us that we our worth is based on how often you get what you want in...

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Your Kingdom or God’s Kingdom?

By: Dr Eliezer GonzalezYou may not know it, but you have a kingdom. Yes, it’s your kingdom. But it might not be the one you are thinking of. You may think that I don’t, but I do. I play computer games. I actually like those sorts of games where I get to be the king of my own...

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