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Dads: How To Stay Connected With Your Kids

By: Dr Justin CoulsonEven When You Don’t Live TogetherResearch is unequivocal. Dad matters. As long as he is safe towards his family,  the more a dad is present and involved in his children’s lives in a positive way, the better the outcomes for everyone. Fathers make unique...

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A Dad who Loved with All His Heart!

By: Jenny BaxterRarely do we, as children, consider the protective, all-encompassing love our parents have for us. But one day I saw it happen as my cousin’s sudden death began some unusual activity at our house.Do you sometimes feel you love your children so much your heart could burst?...

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Father’s Day – About Time

By: Movies Change PeopleFather’s Day can be a difficult day of the year for some of us. So this is just a shout-out from us to say, we get it. Some of our dads are sick, some are lost to us. Some are broken people, some require us to endlessly plumb forgiveness. Some will never know how we...

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