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4 Big Lies Christians Believe In Our Fracturing Age

By: Akos BaloghOur world is fracturing. It’s fracturing across many issues: from politics to race; from climate change to gender. And as it fractures, it becomes more and more tribal. People self-sort into groups that think the same way and often act the same way. And social media...

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The Cultivation of Character

By: Dr Justin CoulsonA brave mum raises her hand to ask me a question. There are close to 400 parents in the packed auditorium. The topic was teens and screens, but her question stretches well beyond those boundaries.She says, “I don’t want my son playing those violent games. But how...

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33rd John West Memorial Lecture

The next Launceston Historical Society event will be: The 33rd John West Memorial Lecture  Dr Eric Ratcliff John West’s Launceston and where it went  Friday 12 March 2021 – 8pm,  Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, University of Tasmania, Newnham. John West came to Launceston at the end of 1838 and left...

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