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You Can’t Love God and Hate People

By: Sabrina PetersIt’s a paradox to confess how much you “love God,” but then dislike (or even despise) people. Worse yet degrade, criticise and or even condemn someone based on their beliefs, preferences or shortcomings.And by people I mean everyone – mum, dad, partner,...

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Wear Hope-Coloured Glasses

By: yesHEisIt’s easy to become distracted and forget that people matter most. They matter more than our busy lives and more than our goals and our dreams. While we exist for God’s pleasure, we experience purpose by caring and loving others. The question is, how do we keep people as the...

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4 Ways To Host a Group Video Call

By: yesHEisThere are so many tools available to stay connected and continue community, so here are just 4 ways to host a group video call. This type of experience may feel strange at first but we can choose to lean into the unfamiliar and trust that God can do something powerful as we...

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