By: Mike Crooks

Beloved fashion designer Camilla Franks has teamed up with Lifeblood to encourage people to donate blood. (more…)

By: 96five

Last weekend saw Australia’s commercial television networks joining together to support flood victims in Queensland and New South Wales, with a telethon that has banked more than $25 million for the Red Cross Flood Appeal.

By: Laura Bennett

Before there was Zoom fatigue, there was already severe meeting fatigue in many workplaces across Australia. In 2021, it was reported that over 55 million meetings occurred every week in the US, and with the ease of digital access to employees, we can only imagine that number is on the rise and mirrored around the globe. (more…)

By: Ally Barnes

Two years of COVID-19 running rampant and it feels like a marathon that someone keeps moving the finish line for, so it will come as no surprise if your experience of the pandemic has left you feeling angry, anxious, or exhausted. (more…)

By: Michael Crooks

An Englishman wants to build a wall – not a barrier to keep people out, but a symbol of hope for all. (more…)

By: McCrindle

There is no doubt that 2020 will be a year for the history books. The unprecedented change across societies, nations and the globe has been characterised by a time of increased volatility and disruption. (more…)

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