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‘Shane’: Reflections on Warney and a Death So Young

By: Stephen McAlpineShane Warne was a human headline to the end. An end that came quickly and shockingly on the same day another cricketing superstar died.  No disrespect to Rod Marsh, but while old Iron Gloves was famous for being a cricketer, Shane Warne was famous for being, well for being...

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Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page Urges: “Learn CPR”

By: Clare BruceThe original ‘Yellow Wiggle’ Greg Page, who had a brush with death in January, has posted a video urging people to learn CPR, and advocating for more life-saving Automatic External Defibrillators (AED machines) to be kept in public places.In the video, Page explains in...

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Gone To Soon

By: yesHeisDeath is a reality we’re all destined to face. No matter our religion or beliefs, financial position, relationship status or race, death comes to us all. Where, when and how though is a mystery, and sometimes we are blindsided by the untimely death of people in our lives. They can...

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