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The Balance Myth

By: Sabrina PetersI regularly find people saying to me, “I just don’t know how you balance it all?”. Their words are sincere and sweet and I genuinely appreciate their encouragement, but to tell you the truth I’m not sure I even believe in balance – the act of...

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How to Maintain Momentum by Pruning Your Practices

By: Michael McQueen One of the most valuable lessons this year has taught us is that the life we were living pre-COVID isn’t necessarily the one we are seeking post-COVID. Though we have been longing for life to get ‘back to normal’ since the pandemic hit, there are many parts of...

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Australians Commuting on Average 48 Minutes per Day

By: McCrindleThe average commute time per day since this decade began has increased from 40 minutes to 48 minutes, an increased commute time of 20% shows the latest data from HILDA. Workers now spend on average 4.5 hours a week getting to and from work, a rise of 23% since 2002. Sydneysiders spend...

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