By: John Kalenzi

In 2002, African Enterprise Rwanda piloted the first Rwandan self-help groups (SHGs, also known as community transformation groups), adapting the successful Indian SHG model to work locally. Since then, with its partners, African Enterprise Rwanda has brought the transformational power of SHGs to hundreds of thousands of Rwandese. (more…)

By: Ben Campbell

‘For I was hungry and you fed me’ (Matthew 25:35 NLT)

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised serious concerns about food security in Africa. From the start of the pandemic, it has been feared that economic recession, along with disruptions to food supply chains, would leave Africa on the brink of starvation.

By: African Enterprise

In Kenya, more than 80% of the working population are engaged in informal employment, and it is the livelihoods of these informal labourers that are devastated by COVID-19 related Public Health measures. (more…)

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