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Authenticity is Key For Rend Collective

By: Justin Rouillon“We grew up in a fractured society, that wasn’t something we wanted to be a part of – unity and togetherness is way more important than your opinion being right.”A tour down under has long been atop the wish list for Irish 5 piece Rend Collective, but the...

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The Changing Face of Schoolies

By: Justin Rouillon“The schoolies culture has changed quite significantly and it’s a lot easier to manage than ten years ago.” That’s Red Frogs CEO Andy Gourley, or Boss Frog as he’s more affectionately known, on the change in schoolies behaviour over recent...

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A Rite Of Passage Helps Boys Become Men

By: Justin RouillonWhat is a rite of passage? Does it have any relevance in our society today? A rite of passage is vital for helping introduce men into what it is to be a man, according to Richard Fay, CEO of Centre for Men and Families Australia.His organisation helps men have “mature,...

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