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Support For Mums with Susannah Koch

Support For Mums with Susannah Koch

Susannah Koch is once again Nigel and Vicki’s child expert guest! Susannah has extensive training and experience as a family health educator and support worker, she’s a mother of 2, has a background in supporting mothers with breastfeeding, is a trained counsellor and a family support practitioner! She has quite some skills!

This time Susannah answers your questions around:
* What do I do if my child is hitting another child,
* My 2 year old keeps running away from me when I’m in town and
* How to ween my 10 month old off breast feeding

Click on the audio link below to get Susannah’s outstanding and super wise answers!

Susannah will be back next month giving further support and encouragement and will be taking more of your questions – so please send them to; or !

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