Single Mum Victoria Coster’s ‘From Zero to CEO’ Story Will Inspire You

By: Laura Bennett

Victoria Coster was a single mum living in a housing commission unit when she decided to start her own business.

Fed up with a “9-to-5” that didn’t allow enough time with her son, Victoria quit and began the journey of becoming her own CEO.

“[My son] was doing before school care, he was doing after school care,” Victoria said in a radio interview.

“I was bringing home enough money to cover my rent, and my food and my petrol but that was it. So I just kind of quit out of exhaustion.”

Victoria’s business has now gone national – launching offices around the country just before the pandemic hit, and she’s now sharing her journey in her first book, From Zero to CEO.

victoria coster holding her book zero to ceo
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The book provides the exact roadmap readers need to get their business started, and fills a gap Victoria found when a fellow mum asked her for advice on how to start get their own idea off the ground.

“There was nothing I could go to for her, and so I said to myself, ‘If I make [my business] work, I’m going to put it all in a book,” Victoria said.

“So that if it just helps this one friend start her business then I’ve done a good thing.”

From Zero to CEO also touches on Victoria’s Christian faith, which is weaved throughout her entrepreneurial journey as the backbone that gave her hope and perspective during the process.

Turning her initial frustrations into motivation, Victoria said, “For me it was about my faith. I’d spent a lot of time looking at how I was [spending my days and time]: what was I doing with my life, where was I in my faith in Christ?

“I could get up and say, ‘Thank the Lord for another day’, and it just kept me going. Because I could see I’m not alone.”

From Zero to CEO is available now.

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

About the Author: Laura is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.

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