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Word & Worship January 10th, 2021.

Word & Worship January 10th, 2021.

Today’s Message is on PSALM 51 and comes to us from a retired teacher of Biblical Studies from NSW – Chris Quirk who was a Guest Speaker at a *CWCI Conference entitled STAYING STRONG IN THE LORD which was held at the Riverbank Church in Riverside  As background the speaker will also refer to the story of David & Bathsheba as found in the OT Book of 2nd Samuel Chapter 11. As expected, this particular PSALM (written by David following the prophet Nathan’s rebuke) can both challenge and confront us but also lead us to confess any sins which may be present in our own lives  and to then entrust ourselves to our Creator whatever may be happening to us as we follow Christ. The PSALM will be read prior to the Message by Australia’s own ROGER CLIMPSON.

*CWCI = Christian Women Communicating International

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