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Phil talks with Kate about the upcoming Jogini Girls’ Dinner (9/9)

Phil talks with Kate about the upcoming Jogini Girls’ Dinner (9/9)

Kate is from the Dignity Freedom Network, which is a group of Australians and New Zealanders caring for oppressed peoples in South Asia. They desire to see marginalised communities set free through education, healthcare and empowerment.

For over 2,000 years, girls have been dedicated to a deity, and thereafter trapped in horrific systemic abuse. Our goal is to prevent dedications of little girls and to empower entrapped women to find freedom and hope.

You are invited to our annual “Hope for the Jogini Girls” dinners to hear inspiring stories of transformation. Additionally we will share how our COVID response is restoring hope to vulnerable communities.

Dinners will once more be live-streamed and interactive; and enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, with guests where permitted.

To participate you will need internet access and a device (phone or computer) to connect to a TV screen.

Note: these are not Zoom meetings, they are live-streamed events including interviews with the team in India, updates on our COVID response, greetings from the Shelter girls, and an online auction.

To take part please click here.

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