Phil chats with Danielle Ecuyer, author of “Shareplicity”

Phil chats with Danielle Ecuyer, author of “Shareplicity”

Danielle Ecuyer pursued a successful career in Institutional Equities Stockbroking and Wealth Management for 15 years after completing her Commerce Degree in the early 1980’s. She trained and worked as an Australian equities analyst for BZW Australia in Sydney, laying the foundations of fundamental share analysis. In 1990, Danielle moved to London and expanded her career into Institutional equities sales in Global Emerging Markets and specialised wealth management.

In London, Danielle was employed as a Director in senior positions at some of the world’s pre-eminent financial firms in the 1990’s and looked after some of the world’s largest emerging market investors in a time of great change.

After retiring to have her son, Danielle became a full time investor on her own behalf. With over three decades of successful experience in share investing both domestically and internationally in both a professional and personal capacity, Danielle has brought all of this and her expertise together to create Shareplicity: a simple approach to share investing.

Phil and Danielle talk about the book, what makes certain stock “good” to buy and much more. For even more information, and to read Danielle’s blog, visit her website here.

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