July 21, 2020
“I Had a Problem” — Christian Comic John Crist Breaks Silence Over Sex Addiction and Sexual Harassment

In a video posted on Facebook and Instagram, John Crist thanks his fans for their support during his recovery, and admits his failure and deep hypocrisy.

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July 3, 2020
After COVID-19: What Will Never Be the Same

It is likely that we are living in the midst of one of the greatest turning points of the 21st Century. These 5 areas will never be the same after COVID-19.

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June 29, 2020
Bringing Music and Joy to Australia’s Remote Indigenous Kids: “Instruments for the Outback”

Instruments for the Outback is a program helping indigenous kids in remote parts of Australia to learn to play and record music.

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June 23, 2020
Masked, But Not Silenced – African Enterprise Response to COVID-19 in Kenya

African Enterprise is reaching out to communities with the love of Jesus, knowing that no mask can silence the Gospel and its eternal hope for this nation.

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June 19, 2020
Cultural Diversity Increases – Australia’s Latest Migration Data

The latest migration data reveals Australia is increasingly culturally diverse with three in ten Australians born overseas according to the ABS.

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June 17, 2020
Christian Writer Timothy Keller Asks for Prayer After “Providential” Cancer Diagnosis

Keller is the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and author of many books on apologetics and the Christian faith.

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