Mum Turns Her Kids’ Questions Into Award-Winning Education Series

By: Laura Bennett

Australia has one of the most unique and beautiful botanical environments in the world. We’re home to species you don’t find anywhere else, and we have a love-hate relationship with the fire that can both feed its renewal and be horribly destructive.

During the 2019/20 fire season, Leanne Murner’s five boys asked her a lot about what was happening to our wild habitat and how the ecosystem functions.

Leanne researched answers to their questions, and found there weren’t many resources related to an Australian context.

Already passionate about education and providing play-based resources through her 5 Little Bears business, Leanne took her boys’ curiosity and explored it in her first children’s book Franki and the Banksia.

Leanne took her boys’ curiosity and explored it in her first children’s book Franki and the Banksia.

The book has become one in a series of six that teach children all about birds, insects and native flora and fauna through the bushland adventures of their main character – a fictionalised version of her own kids.

Franki and the Banksia was a winner in the New York City Big Book Awards this year, which was a huge milestone for Leanne who never thought business and writing would be in her future as a young girl.

“[I was] told I would not go anywhere in life or amount to anything,” Leanne said.

“Every opportunity brought forward to me always had me thinking I was not worthy or deserving of achieving them and let them pass me by.

“This book meant so much to me: having a dream and believing in myself regardless of the obstacles, perseverance and overcoming business adversities.

“I’ve found my purpose.”

The Franki and the Banskia series is out now. Read more about the journey of 5 Little Bears.

Article supplied with thanks to Hope Media.

About the Author: Laura is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.

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