Your Station Thoughts

Thank you for the many blessings I get from listening to WAY FM, the bright and happy chatter from the announcers and friendly atmosphere it brings into my home really lifts my day.

I love to listen to WAY FM’s drive show with Karen Dickson, I really enjoy her bright and bubbly personality.  She really adds a bright spot to my afternoon.

Thank you for WAY FM, I really enjoy listening to Luke & Susie in the afternoons the make me laugh and they have some fantastic interviews with people of all walks of life. WAY FM really brings joy to my day.

With God’s and WayFm’s help I climbed the hardest mountain of my life.  Listening to WayFm everyday has made a big difference in my life, with the bible readings and songs I have related to and still do, they’ve helped me to stay strong.

We listen to WAY FM because I like that it’s safe for little ears! I’m not going to be shocked by something the announcer says and or have to explain some awkward words in a song when tuned to WayFm. It’s  nice to get the caring attitude.

I have grown up listening to WAY FM. My family always has it on in the car and at home I love the uplifting and encouraging feel behind the Station and the way it supports the community. I really enjoy the different announcers and the mix of music.