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How to Build Resilience in Children

How to Build Resilience in Children

Resilience is a super popular theme in the media now.  WayFM’s Luke and Susie have talked about Resilience and we thought it was time to put this question to our parenting expert Sallie Hammond!

Human Resilience is the ability to overcome, face and even grow from the adversities of life!  Love has been defined as spiritual growth and we can grow from both adventure and difficulty it seems.

Resilience is all about facing the personal and social challenges we all face and getting through them and being a better person on the other side.  Sallie likes to use the comparison to a rubber band! How do we bounce back after a struggle or set back? 

Sallie discovered some research that found children who had greater resilience agreed with these two statements:

  1. I have a parent that cares about me and
  2. I have a parent who listens to me.

So with plenty of loving time and lots of careful listening, we can build resilience into a child’s character.

Resilience is best developed with a loving and supportive home environment.

Some ways to build resilience include:

  • Lots of love and care,
  • Quality one on one time,
  • Ten minutes chatting at then end of their bed,
  • Going for a walk with them to the park,
  • Hugs and cuddles,
  • Asking questions and problem solving and
  • Kicking the ball around.

Allowing our kids to solve problems and bring out the answers is the way to build trust and resilience!

Find more information on resilience here: 

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