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Guardianship – Rowena Holder

Guardianship – Rowena Holder

Vicki chatted with Rowena Holder – president of the guardianship and administration board. The Guardianship and Administration Board can make decisions for the benefit of persons who have a disability and are unable to make reasonable judgements about lifestyle and financial matters. Some examples of disabilities include; dementia, acquired brain injury or mental illness.

The Board consists of the President – Rowena Holder – who is a legal practitioner, and a number of members from legal, medical, accounting and community backgrounds, who are rostered to sit when it conducts its hearings.

embers of the Board are appointed for their knowledge and experience in relevant areas of disability.

The Board may appoint a guardian for a person who is over the age of 18 years.  A guardian is a person who has been given the legal power to make important decisions on behalf of another adult – such as where that person should live, or what care and services the person should have.

By appointing your own enduring guardian before losing mental capacity, perhaps in the case of dementia, someone may decide who will be their guardian who would make lifestyle decisions for them, if they are no longer capable of making those decisions.

More details on Tasmania guardianship is available here. Guardianship

Catch their important interview below!

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