Have you ever read something in the Bible and thought to yourself, “Yick! How can that possibly be? How could God do that, or Jesus say that? No, no, that can’t be right?” So now what? Well, most people pick the bits they like and reject the bits they don’t.

When you read the accounts of the life of Jesus, there’s something that really stands out.

Huge crowds followed Him around everywhere He went. Well, why wouldn’t they? He was a powerful speaker and the miracles that He performed … well, they were nothing short of amazing. Whole cities and towns would shut down and empty out so that everyone could go out into a field somewhere to meet Jesus.

And yet they didn’t all like everything He had to say. In fact, we’re told that …

John 6:66 After Jesus said these things, many of his followers left and stopped following him.

And by the time He was crucified, He was completely on His own. Even His family and friends deserted Him for fear of being nailed to a cross next to Him. Where were the crowds? Where were all those people?

There are huge numbers of people across the globe who profess to be Christians – as though somehow that label confers some sort of “insurance policy” on them for eternity … you know, just in case.

But those same people want to pick and choose the things that God says and make up their own way, their own faith. Many want to re-make God into an image that’s more palatable, more acceptable.

It’s funny how everyone’s a Christian until it gets biblical, until you meet the God – the Jesus – of the Bible.

God said, “I am who I am.” He ain’t changing for anyone. We don’t get to pick and choose.

After Jesus said these things, many of his followers left and stopped following him.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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