Most of us are only too happy to believe that God is all powerful and all-knowing and all-loving … until, that is, things in our life take a turn for the worse – at which point … come on, let’s be honest … we’re not that sure anymore.

I read something the other day that made me smile.

Out of the gloom, a voice said unto me: “Smile and be happy – things could be worse.” So I smiled and was happy and behold, things did get worse.

I think we all relate to that. We’re always hoping that things will get better, but sometimes they just get worse.

In fact, sometimes things get so bleak that we don’t know which way to turn, at which point we imagine we have to figure it all out. But we can’t and the fact that we can’t make sense of it all, the fact that we can’t think our way through and solve our problems, makes things even worse.

You may know Job in the Old Testament – a man, who in God’s own words was good and honest, a man who respected God and refused to do evil. Yet inexplicably, from his perspective, terrible things befell his life. He lost pretty much everything and he was a man who had a lot to lose.

He had no idea why or what was going on, or when the whole thing of going from bad to worse, to much worse, would come to an end.

Job 37:5 God’s thundering voice is amazing! He does great things that we cannot understand.

And that’s the truth. Sometimes God is doing things that we simply cannot understand. Perhaps He’ll give us an explanation one day – but then again, perhaps He won’t.

But know this. When you’re suffering, God is doing great and mighty things. When those things don’t make sense, trust Him anyway.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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