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Trust, in What?

Psalm 119:114 Hide me and protect me. I trust what you say.

Every now and then, we can find ourselves in a deep, dark hole, a bleak and lonely place in life where we feel completely helpless. I’ve been there and no doubt so have you. So, when you’re in that place, what’s the answer?

Margaret Court is the greatest tennis player of all time. Between 1960 and 1975 (which was before what we now call the “Grand Slam” era) she won 62 majors. No one else, male or female, has ever come close.

She was telling me in an interview a while back, that after she stopped playing she went through a time of hopelessness and despair … in fact, so deep and dark were those times for her, she said that she knew that there was a devil because she could see him sitting there in the corner. That’s pretty dark.

Now you would think that someone of such great achievements and fame wouldn’t go through something like that. Surely that’s just for ordinary people like you and me.

So I asked her what made the difference. How did she turn the corner? How did she pull herself out of that deep, dark hole?

She answered me, plain and simple – “I put my trust in Jesus Christ. I started believing what God says about me in the Bible, instead of believing what the world and the devil were saying about me.”

Well, maybe that sounds a bit corny, but this isn’t some crazy person I picked up off the street. This is Margaret Court, the greatest tennis player of all time.

Someone who was living in fear for his life once penned these words of prayer to God:

Psalm 119:114 Hide me and protect me. I trust what you say.

Maybe it’s time to go to God and trust what He has to say about you.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.