Jesus once said that the road to destruction is an easy road to travel and that there are many who take it. But what does that actually look like in my life and yours? How do you know if you’re on the wrong road?

One of the things that I love about Saturday mornings is not having to shave. It’s just so wonderful not to have to face that razor again for a day.

Every now and then I might go two days without shaving, and if it’s a long weekend, maybe three. But by then the bristles start getting all prickly and when that happens … funny thing … I can’t wait to find my razor to have that nice, smooth, baby face again.

It’s all a matter of balance. A bit is fine. Too much is … well, too much. And it turns out that much of life follows that same pattern.

Proverbs 23:19-21 So listen, my son, and be wise. Always be careful to follow the right path. Don’t make friends with people who drink too much wine and eat too much food. Those who eat and drink too much become poor. They sleep too much and end up wearing rags.

We just want to chill out, hang loose, do whatever feels good. And at the beginning, that’s all well and good. But after a while, that stuff –  whatever it may be – gets a tad uncomfortable. But all too often, instead of reaching for the razor, we live with it. For some, it’s too much drink or food. For others, it’s their bad attitude, or the way they treat other people, or whatever … stuff.

And all that stuff has consequences.

Those who eat and drink too much become poor. They sleep too much and end up wearing rags

So listen … be wise. Be careful to follow the right path.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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