What a treasure that God has preserved here for you and me in Psalm 90. A tender warm prayer from one of Israel’s greatest leaders, Moses, to God Himself.

And if there’s one central theme to this prayer, even though it does meander around just a bit, it would have to be this. Moses yearns for a right relationship with God and the benefits that flow from that. He talks about the anger of God at our sin, the fact that Israel had strayed from Him, the importance of the fear of God, the fact that life is short and it can be a real grind.

All the real-life things that you and I contend with as well. But at the heart of this beautiful prayer is a desire to be in right relationship with God and see the benefits of that relationship flow into the life of Israel.

Here’s how Moses finishes his prayer:

Psalm 90:16,17 Let your servants see the wonderful things you can do for them. And let their children see your glory. Lord, our God, be kind to us. Make everything we do successful. Yes, make it all successful.

Wow, look at that. A prayer for blessing and success. Great, but – and here’s the key – flowing out of a right relationship with God. Flowing out of the fear of God. Flowing out of an experience of His love.

And yet how often do we mistakenly pray for happiness, blessing and success in the absence of a fear of God? How easy is it to expect His blessing and success, while we continue in sinful rebellion?

Let’s get a revelation here today. The wonderful blessings of God to His children, flow out of a right relationship with Him. Honour God.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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