There are so many fun, amazing things for us to spend our money on these days. And with all those glitzy “buy-me” options out there, it’s so easy to be enticed into thinking that that’s what life is all about – accumulating stuff.

Call me crazy, but I love reading a good Bible commentary –  not because I’m into dry, stuffy theology but because a good commentator can help illuminate God’s Word for me.

One of the best I’ve come across is R. Kent Hughes. He writes this:

There are many things money cannot buy. Money can buy a king-sized bed, but it cannot buy sleep! Money can buy a great house, but it cannot buy a home! Money can buy a companion, but it cannot buy a close friend! Money can buy books, but it cannot buy brains! Money can buy a church building, but it cannot buy entrance into heaven!

Them’s sobering words, don’t you think? They put the whole money thing – the whole thing of worldly goods, and worldly commodities – into perspective.

And yet, still we all too often behave as though it’s all about the money, as though if I can earn this, and buy that, and grab this … my life will be peachy. And the best adjective to describe a person heading down that path is (are you ready for this?) greedy.

Luke 12:15 Then Jesus said to them, “Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. People do not get life from the many things they own.”

As much as we kid ourselves, that life worth living will never, ever … ever, be found in “stuff”.

Can I ask you today, how much have you been led by the nose down this path of greed? Is it delivering what you expected it to?

People do not get life from the many things they own.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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